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    Clementines | Blog

    The Color Pink

    This spring/summer season Clementines has curated its collection of shoes around three themes; Embellish Your Life, Real Shoes for Real Women, and The Color Pink. Let’s start with the one that has been sweeping the nation both on the sidewalks and on the runway, The Color Pink. 

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    A.Oei Studio Launches Spring Collection

    A.Oei Studio Launches Spring Collection


    A.Oei Studio Launches Spring Collection at Clementines 

    Angeline Oei, will debut the spring collection for her fashion label, A.Oei Studio, at Clementines during First Thursday Art Walk, Thursday, March 2, 2017. The launch party begins at 5:30 pm. A trunk show of these items continues through Sunday, March 19, 2017.

    About A.Oei Studio

    A.Oei is a contemporary womenswear brand that combines contrasting graphic and abstract prints, shapes and textures. Based in Seattle and Singapore, A.Oei takes a conceptual and non-seasonal approach towards the design process, with a strong focus on the story behind each collection, the quality of fabrics, and the design and production methods. All prints are exclusive to the label, and fabrics are largely sourced from Japan.

    Spring 2017 - 'The Earth is Always Moving'

    The spring collection, entitled 'The Earth is Always Moving', was inspired by the Rocky Mountains and the geological processes and formations that have taken place over time. It expresses one’s desire to engage with the changing natural landscape. This collection combines abstract prints, created by digitally manipulated photographs of the Rocky Mountains, heather textures and graphic lines. It also features straight, fluid silhouettes with subtle details.

    “This launch is about a new label that offers a different perspective of fashion, one that tells stories through its prints and collections. Clementines is a great platform for the launch as the boutique is one that shares the love of unique designs, patterns, and textures, and shows strong support of emerging independent designers,” Angeline expresses.

    We hope you’ll celebrate the launch of this collection with us!

    The Case of the Disappearing Ballgowns

    The Case of the Disappearing Ballgowns

    “The Case of the Disappearing Ballgowns” sounds like the title of a Nancy Drew novel (a Nancy Drew novel I would totally read!) and not the subject of recent Inauguration Day-related news articles. I think most people, though, have come to terms with knowing during these projected next four years, headlines will be anything but typical. But whether you’d have been dreading this day or not, this Big Event will certainly give us plenty to talk about in terms of fashion.

    I won’t name names, but recently a major political player-elect was quoted by the New York Times as saying, “There are plenty of movie and entertainment stars. All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”

    Really? All the dress shops are sold out? The last time I checked, there were approximately 689 women’s clothing boutiques in Washington, DC (thanks, Yelp!), not including major retailers. While hyperbolic statements have been the calling card of all major political parties during the election, doesn’t this statement just blow your mind a little bit? There isn’t a single dress for sale in the entire District of Columbia?

    When this quote first broke, we were still 11 days away from the ceremony and ball! Does the future leader of our country really not respect women enough to think they haven’t been planning ahead? At least one part of the mentioned quote I can agree with — it is hard to find a great dress! There’s either no option or too many options, and when I want a specific thing, I can never find it…

    But why are these missing dresses such a big deal? After all, so many others have opted out of the Inauguration (65 members of Congress, most of the Rockettes, and a Bruce Springsteen cover band), it shouldn’t surprise us that the dresses decided to stay home as well. And while it may just be an oversight (or over-exaggeration), could the ballgowns’ silent protest be seen as a movement of support for, dare I say it, a Pantsuit Nation?

    Maybe — just maybe — no one really wanted to wear a dress this weekend anyway. I even know a handful of ladies who won’t be (if a projected 100 million marching across the country counts as a handful). Regardless of what you’re wearing, this weekend is going to be an important day. Make sure you’re not sitting out! Get out and join the Women's March!

    HUMANOID, Arnhem 1981

    HUMANOID, Arnhem 1981

    HUMANOID is Here for Spring

    Waiting for the new spring collections to arrive? Need an excuse to visit Clementines in historic Pioneer Square? Looking for clothes that have been made for YOU? A Dutch designer clothing label provides just this and more. A steady trickle of understated yet body-conscious apparel by HUMANOID has been arriving at the brick-and-mortar store on Occidental Ave.

    Linda Walsh carefully chose a representative selection of garments in the loveliest colors, think a handsome green, blush pink, and of course a deep black, from the current HUMANOID collection. These exclusively European made pieces will integrate with any existing wardrobe. 

    When it comes to HUMANOID, we - the human - make the garments shine, not the other way around. The deconstructed and functional style renders their collections timeless. Subtle color palettes and natural fit assist with the magic, but the material is what sets this line apart – color, texture, quality, feel, wearability, and no-fuss-care. Sustainable ethical fashion, low-impact technologies, fair trade practices and traditional local manufacturing are buzzwords that apply to everything this label stands for.

    HUMANOID was established during the New Wave and Punk era of the early eighties. The birth city and home of today’s HUMANOID flagship store in the Netherlands is Arnhem, a Dutch city of about 150,000 humans on the banks of the Rhine. (If you like movies, think ‘A Bridge Too Far’, it will give you the geographic location and some of the scenery). To further immerse yourself in this originating time of HUMANOID, watch the official music video of ‘Under Pressure’ by The Queen and David Bowie

    On the label’s website, the founders Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens share with us:’ HUMANOID just happened’. That may be true for its very beginnings, but for over three decades this designer collective has stayed independent, strong, uninfluenced by hype or a temporary trend. I would call HUMANOID a rebel classic: magically creating a relaxed yet sophisticated look. Clothes that can be our trusted companions for years to come, thanks to their custom-made personality.

    The new HUMANOID arrivals will be available online at soon too.