Have Mango, Will Travel

The Mango line of shoes is new to us - but not to the rest of the world! We were immediately taken with their cheeky charm combined with comfort. (I mean, if you're going to wear a comfort shoe, PLEASE don't let it look like one!!!) We'd love to wear a pair of Mangos while travelling to its flagship shop...

From world traveler Margalit Francus about exploring the ancient city of Jafa: after acting as the impromptu travel guide, I  got my reward which was a short stop at one of my favorite local stores called Mango. Its setting inside of an old Ottoman building provides a fitting backdrop to the boutique, which sells eccentric clothing and leather shoes and belts. After spending my fifteen allocated minutes in “retail therapy”, I walked out with my Jaffa version of Elton John-like clogs souvenir.

Pictured - the Mango "66" - perfect for your weekend adventures and lucky-for-you, now on sale!


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