How a pair of sunglasses changed my life...

I was wearing a new pair of shades that my friend Soozee (pictured) helped me pick out. As soon as I put them on, I swear I looked younger, hipper. Then, magically, I swear I felt younger and hipper. Have you noticed the recent pics of celebs wearing their sunnies at the airport? (Actually inside the airport where the sun don't shine?) They know a thing or two about projecting a certain image... A certain youthful, with-it image, right?

With travel-in-mind, may I recommend that you invest in a few great accessories? Accessories are Quay (pronounced "key") for light weight additions to your carry-on that have a big pay-off in terms of personal style. The right shades, lipstick, and a colorful tote will take your black tee and denim to a whole new level!

Clementines has carried Quay sunglasses since they were first introduced to the US market. And we're certain that the styles we've chosen will make you feel hipper no matter your age...

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