B-E-A-T-A Design Studio

B-E-A-T-A Design Studio


This Thursday for Art Walk, Bea McCammon of B-E-A-T-A Design Studio will be at the shop showing her AW'17 collection, but these Trunk Show items will be available through Saturday.  We were curious about this local designer's background, so we did a little digging.  Meet Bea. 

 1. How did you come to design your own clothes? 

About 5 years ago, I signed up at Nancy's Sewing basket for my first ABC sewing class to learn how to use a sewing machine.  I had no sewing or designing experience before that.  After passing that first class, I absolutely fell in love with creating clothing. 

Being in the high-end retail industry for over 20 years, the move from selling clothing to creating designs was a huge career change; though it was extremely exciting to find my true calling.

2. What is your design philosophy? 

I am a bi-polar designer that loves to design highs and lows.  From creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces to designing everyday wear with interesting fabrics.  Life is too short to be pigeonholed.

3. Could you set the scene of your studio?  Give us the audio tour… 

My studio is currently a one person place.  The magic happens with my four sewing machines, 2 sergers & 2 sewing machines, and my large cutting table.  One of the machines was inherited from my mother-in-law and is 3 decades old (it's amazing).  Those machines are my company.  I drape the pattern and sew every garment from start to finish as a one-person team.

Someday I will get to expand this process, but for now, this is my studio where the magic happens.

4. When last time you dressed up?  What did you wear and what was the occasion?

I always dress up.  No excuse is needed to dress up.  I'm not stuck up on fashion and trends, but instead, like to stay true to myself.  When I dress up for a specific occasion, I usually wear a dress that I designed, making it very special for me to present.

5. Please talk about some of the fabrics you use. How do you pick them out? Do you design with a material in mind?  Do you have certain materials you love and hate?  Why?  

I put a lot of time and effort into picking the fabrics.  Fabric has a huge place in my life, as they inspire me.  Usually, I don't create the pattern until I pick the fabric.  Sometimes I save my fabric for months until I figure out the perfect way of using it.  I do try to keep it in my mind to use the right fabric for the season at hand.  The first piece is usually created as a sample for myself, that I get to test drive for a week.  This helps me decide if the fabric is correct for the design.  My favorite fabrics that I use very often is linen, cotton, silk, satin & sometimes wool.  My absolute hated fabric is velvet - pain to deal with.


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