Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style

Seattle Art Museum: October 11 - January 8th 

YSL. What comes to mind? A beautiful fold over clutch or shoulder bag with a simply elegant metal monogram? Killer trench coats and structured blazers? Gold lipstick tubes on the cosmetics counter? 

The modern day impression of YSL, and certain stylistic trends in general, are not valid without knowing the history of this influential designer. The truth is we all wear a little bit of Saint Laurent, and out of respect and curiosity we should understand how. Personally, I can trace the root of my love affair with tuxedo pants and adoration for girly suiting to YSL. Give me a menswear inspired overcoat any day - and if it's tweed, all the better! But even I am curious to see how many more facets of my wardrobe and current industry designs are influenced by Saint Laurent. 

I am especially excited to see what Yves was designing in the 50's - when women were entering the workforce in unprecedented numbers. As our identities were changing so were the clothes we wore, and Saint Laurent helped us be more confident during those transformative times. Witness Hillary rocking the pant suit all over the campaign trail! Seeing the first couture pant suits - definitely on my list. And certainly the evening wear will be breathtaking! 

Thank you to the SAM for reminding us that fashion is an art form. Their endorsement of Yves Saint Laurent as an artist, especially one whose art speaks to many people on a very personal level, is nothing short of revolutionary! 

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotations of Yves, published in Le Figaro, the oldest national newspaper in France. 

Le Figaro: Can a woman without means still be elegant? 

Saint Laurent - Absolutely. To look beautiful all she needs is a black sweater, a black skirt, and a man she loves on her arm. Black is essential.

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