And So The Packing Begins

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Fashion has always been a vehicle for individuals to express themselves, and those who have been authentic end up being influential in setting a trend. In a couple of weeks, I will be kicking off a European Style Series where I show you the best of street style in Paris, London, Milan, and Florence. And to gear up for this Euro trip, I thought I'd take my travel buddies out for a spin right here at home. 


Always shoes. Wherever you head, you need a good pair of shoes to get you successfully through your adventure. Whether you're sightseeing, eating, shopping, or relaxing you need a pair of shoes that are comfortable and of course, stylish. In my eyes, the more of a statement they make, the better. I chose the BIBILOU beautifully crafted, multi-personality shoe to comfortably walk the Louvre, while being classy in a Parisian cafe, and showstopping on the streets of Milan. An Oxford can let your outfit move in any direction it wants and pairs perfectly with jeans or a bare leg. I've only had these for a few days, and in that time these have stretched well and been comfortable on long walks. For less than $200, it’s a good long-term investment in a shoe that is relevant for multiple seasons.


Sheer Shirt Dress x Ripped Jeans - It is a trend, so it will die again soon, but I am going to enjoy it as much as I can! The sheer dress/jeans combo has made its way back from late 2016 and popped it’s way back in spring of 2017. It's a way to mix up the usual jeans and tee shirt outfit and step out of your comfort zone. Plus, wearing a dress and being warm is what I strive for, especially in a place like Seattle, it's always a good idea to layer. This fashion forward trend is tricky because it could make you look short, but I’d like to think I pulled it off (thanks to my platform BibiLous)! 


Accessories a.k.a Put a Little Spice in Your Outfit. I’m for sure taking these two soft leather clutches from AR Designs and this lotion from Formulary 55, which is to die for, abroad with me! Have you even smelled it? I’m in love with this cream that hydrates and moisturizes my skin. Bonus, it's so lightweight it allows your skin to breathe and isn't sticky in this summer heat. 

The scarf is from Daniel Hernandez, NY Fashion Designer of the Year and International award winner, who came out with these scarfs last season. I love a good scarf, especially if it’s oversized. It honestly makes for the perfect travel accessory. It helps to mix up your outfits, adds a nice little pop of color, and will keep you cozy if you don't want to carry around a jacket. It was one of the first things I pulled aside to pack, move over Hermes!


Is this outfit daring enough for my European adventure? We shall see. Be sure to keep up with me as I seek out the coolest street style and gain some fashion inspiration abroad. Somebody pinch me, I'm so excited. 

Until next time, Ciao! 

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