Declaration of Independence - Defining Your Own Style

This Fourth of July has me thinking about the strong, independent women I know - whose sense of style is totally coherent with who they are in the world. Style that isn't (necessarily) about how much she spends. Style that is creative expression. Style that declares an independent mind and spirit. I fear that I have more of what's considered "good taste" over "tremendous style" (see below.) But I recognize the achievement of signature style, and feel that one of the great things that comes with age - if you're paying attention - is a growing alignment between who you are and how you outwardly express it.

When I first read this excerpt in Departures Magazine from freelance journalist, Joshua Levine, it blew my socks off! It still inspires me because I find it so completely accurate. Levine was asked "What defines style?" and given these 3 catagories:

ATTITUDE Great style is unconscious. It puts the stamp of rightness on something that starts out wrong, by virtue of conviction and authenticity.

ICON Good taste is essentially imitation; great style is original, sometimes in a jarring way. Prince had tremendous style. He had absolutely terrible taste.

RULE OF THUMB Style is a little bit like obscenity: difficult to define, but you know it when you see it.

Pictured - Lauren in The Oula Company's Pomp Dress. Style, we knew it when we saw it :)

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