#EuroBlogSeries - Ciao Florence

Welcome to La culla del Rinascimento!  the cradle of the Renaissance


After an amazing stay in Rome, we headed over to the birthplace of the Renaissance - Florence, mainly for a friend's wedding, but I, of course, took in all the sights.  We took a train over, which was pretty self-explanatory even if you don’t speak Italian.

A little travel note: I would totally get the tickets online in the US before you go because the ticketing there is very hectic. That way you can beat the line and just get there about 30 minutes prior to boarding!


In the fashion world, Florence is very well known for its leather.  Even around the area where we stayed, were marketplaces with leather goods and boutiques with dreamy, handcrafted leather items.  I brought back a couple of these Italian leather bags that you can find in Clementines now!

From flowy dresses to simple tees and flip flops, unlike Paris, Florence is more laid back in fashion sense. People love to dress comfortably in order to handle the heat.  Definitely the sense of “city life” dissipates when you look into the sea of people because they are less busy and show more leisure not only in their fashion but in their body language. It’s definitely a place to relax, drink wine, and truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the architecture that’s all around.

So what did I see?

  • Lots of florals - Oh yes, it’s definitely a thing in Florence. We saw people definitely “on trend” with the off the shoulder, floral looks. Stripes are popular as well. What looks like “boat wear” is also acceptable, especially because it’s breathable and easy to wear in such intense heat.
  • No heels, no way - I was very intrigued with people not wearing heels because when I think FASHION, I think high heels that put off a sense of glamor.  I thought it would be more people dressing up, but tennis shoes and/or sandals and a skirt are definitely trending here.
  • The second most beautiful hotel in ALL of Europe - I did attend my friend’s wedding when I was in Florence and I went to the SECOND most B-E-AUTIFUL hotel in ALL of Europe. It was the Four Seasons Hotel; it was so perfectly designed in that it took all the best floral gardens and architecture that was placed so effortlessly inside the hotel. If you ever have a chance, I would totally recommend staying there at least one night!

The last stop on the Euro Blog Series is Milan!  Can’t wait to share with you all the amazing fashion in Milan!

Until next time, Ciao! 

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