Euro Blog Series - Ciao Roma

Ciao from Roma, bella!

Rome is absolutely beautiful, and I am absolutely in love with this city - I would say it’s even more beautiful than Paris!  It has so much history in every cobblestone and each ounce of concrete that make up the ancient buildings.  It holds so much beauty on its own because the whole city is a giant museum of history.

Before we get started on the fashion, here are some fun facts that may surprise you about the Italian capital. 


People are definitely more relaxed in Rome than in Paris, and that is 100% reflected in their style.  There are people walking around in linen pants and shirts, often matching in color, just a simple off the shoulder dress with flip flops, or something stretchy and comfortable.  The modern day Romans like to be relaxed while still looking pulled together - bellissimo!


If you are thinking about heading to Rome, I’ve got two questions for you to consider as you pack…

So you think you’ve got comfy shoes? 

I would say if you thought your shoes were comfortable, think again.  Because the narrow Roman roads are made of cobblestones, you don’t see a lot of people walking around in heels or even flats.  The cobblestones, although gorgeous, no longer lie evenly in any way or form so you often can twist your ankle and bruise the soles of your feet.  Best case scenario, you walk around the streets of Rome looking like a baby giraffe.  But if the cobblestones alone don’t make you a little hesitate to stun around in your new heels, there are giant trucks, bikes, and motorcycles which you need to dodge as they zoom through the narrow streets.  You think I’m kidding - haha! - sorta.  Rule of thumb as you pack your shoes for Roma pick something you can run in and then wear for walking!


How hot is too hot!?

It is EXTREMELY hot in Rome - I’m not kidding.  It was around 87-93 degrees all last week when I was there.  That’s why simple off shoulder dresses and linens are so popular!  Do like the Romans’ do and put your outfits together with the idea of staying cool in mind.  Pack breathable fabric that you can sweat in (because you will sweat), you just have to find the best possible way to deal with it.


These are my ABSOLUTE FASHION MUST-DOs while in Rome. I hope you’ve been enjoying the #EuroBlogSeries so far and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.  Next stop, Florence!

Fino ad allora, Ciao!

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