Get Your #lewks for Upstream Music Festival – Clementines

Get Your #lewks for Upstream Music Festival

Upstream Music Fest is coming up on June 1 - 3rd. With over 200+ rising stars visiting, you never know who you are going to run into.

You think I’m kidding? Explain how Justin Bieber was in my Soul Cycle class (boo-ya). Just TRUST me hunni, you’re going to want to curate for this festival.

That said, Upstream isn’t Coachella, so we need to dress for Seattle, which means layers. Because even if the sun’s out, your buns can’t be out. Because we’re in Seattle and you still get the winds that make you brr.

Designer branded looks for the current woman

For clothes, I chose a variety of funky, edgy, and simple. My personal favorite is the BEATA design studios forever pant. You can be a gem that stands out from the crowd. Here are some other picks: 

For shoes, you probably want something super comfy (maybe gives you height if you are short like me) and breathable. You don't want sweaty feet, ew.

BIBI LOU and Rollie Nation Shoes

My shoe picks - 

Now, go and get yo twerk on~

If you try any of these looks, DM us a pic and we’ll feature you on our Instagram. Hashtag #litwithclem and tag us @clementines_seattle

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