When the clouds look fluffy like cotton candy and the trees are sun-kissed, it’s time to bring out the jelly sandals by Melissa and fresh kicks from Miista Shoes. These are both fashion statement pieces that bend the rules for the traditional “beaut.” I’m all about comfort because if you're not comfortable, how can you have fun in the sun? Whether you are out on a boat, on a picnic, or going to the office, these two shoes are a Spring/Summer M-U-S-T.



Miista brings an “uncommon beauty to the streets,” meant for “headstrong women” who embody elegance. Saturday, I was going out on a boat, so I challenged the traditional boat wear and wore this floral bomber with a gold zipper from my store, Anguay Reed Designs, a Nike skort, yes a skort, for flexibility to move around, and my version of what should be a common boat shoe from Miista. You would think the shoes are slippery to wear, but they were very stable to wear inside the boat and on the dock! It’s very versatile, so I could see this with jeans, a simple black maxi, or slacks – choose your adventure! 


Sunday, I went on a picnic and wanted to wear something whimsical but also something I can move in. Pairing with another favorite from Unlikely Collection at AR Designs (pleat shirt and hand painted chambray jean skirt) I wore whimsical fish print socks, by Hansel from Basel, with these amazing smelling shoes - SERIOUSLY. The shoe bands that crisscross in the front keep the shoe comfortable on your feet and that velcro slingback just makes it that much easier to slip in and out.

I love shoes and clothing that are produced ethically. So the fact that Miista and Melissa shoes are ethically made AND bring AR Designs Spring/Summer clothing to life make them all the more special. Keep pushing those fashion norm boundaries!

Xo, Anguay Reed Designs

P.S. All shoes by Melissa and Miista are part of the May'd Your Day Sale - 25% off until May 14th! 

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