Seattle Design Festival

#SDF2016 - Sept. 10th-23rd

Seattle Design Festival begins tomorrow, September 10th, and runs through September 23rd. It's free and held at several venues throughout the city - definitely worth checking out!

The festival is organized around a theme - 2015 brought us Equity in Design, which asked big questions about design's role in equal access across many arenas. This year, we're experiencing Design Change.

2016 is All About Design Change

What is Design Change you may ask? It really is many things at once. It is an imperative, a directive, a call to arms – to design change itself, where design is action.

(Want more?

10 Ton Ice Cube, Yes 10 Tons

With this year's festival, we welcome many spectacular installations, but the most tantalizing - a 10 ton ice cube frozen in Occidental Square Park. It's so close to Clementine's we can feel the chill!

This glistening block did not make its way back to Seattle by way of an Alaskan cruise, but was constructed  by a local Pioneer Square architecture firm, Olson Kundig. The cube is not only spectacularly beautiful, but a study in change itself.

Place Your Bets!

How long will it take to melt? Turns out that's a very complex question to answer and quite frankly part of the appeal. We're betting that the last of it will be melted on New Year's Day. We like the poetic notion that when something ends, another begins.
What's your best bet?

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