Inside Coclico

“At Coclico, we believe that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely.”

While I was in Las Vegas last week I was able to visit with Sandra Canselier, President and Founder of Coclico. She is French born and (therefore?) irresistibly charming - with an easy laugh and unassuming manner. Showing me Coclico's spring '17 collection, Sandra would offer advice when requested, but just as readily let other members of her team jump in and guide the process. I admire that! And was thrilled to see Sandra and her team featured in

If you've shopped Coclico at our brick and mortar, we are quick to point out how environmentally responsible the company is. Reading about the why's and the how's made a deep impression on me and I invite you to take a look at the interview in full. Briefly, though, Sandra states that as a mother she feels a responsibility to be part of the solution and to make positive decisions that will mean her daughter's children will be able to grow up as she did.  

On the production level, Sandra believes sustainability is about looking at design and having a conversation about how it can be executed in a way that it will have the most longevity. Primarily, Sandra says, we think about style – we ask ourselves if the design will stand the test of time. Then we ask ourselves how we can make this shoe responsibly.

Making a shoe responsibly may mean replacing non-biodegradable materials with renewable ones. The short term cost may be more, but because it’s better for the planet, it's really a decision about sustainability for a business that hopes to be around a long time! As Sandra says, it’s all about making the smart choice. Clementines believes in smart choices! And we're proud to be able to offer them to you...

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