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Daphne Dancer booties from Kat Maconie, $276

Fall is my favorite season, and it's not just because I love boots. (I know - that fact doesn't really distinguish me from other women, does it?)

I also love the longer shadows and cooler nights signalling the end of summer - and feel a giddy anticipation for the beginning of fall - harkening back to school days. Because I wore a uniform to school until I was 18, the fall outfits that I'd plan were entirely imaginary, kooky and wonderful! How I would have loved Kat Maconie's Dancer booties!!! Luckily for me, the outfits I dream of now have a much greater chance of becoming a reality:) 

To help make your boot dreams come true, we're offering 15% off one pair through September 10th, in-store only - just mention this blog post!

Also from Kat Maconie, the Tali bootie, $270 

And the coolest rainboots ever (!) from WBSJ (Wild Bird Society, Japan)

Lots more in-store and on our website in short order - check us out!!!

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