Party at the Block Party

Party at the Block Party


Seattle Design Festival

Seattle's design community gathers once again for the 7th annual SDF, and so much of what's happening, is happening right outside Clementines' front door! 

Seattle Design Festival's  "Block Party" runs September 8th and 9th - and the installations respond to the 2018 theme, TRUST. Interesting, right? Missing in our current political, socio-economic and cultural divides, creatives counter - how can we build trust through thoughtful design? Visit Pioneer Square this weekend to see contributors such as Johnston Architects + Global Innovation Exchange + Schuchart to experience SEEING IS BELIEVING --

 As observers move through SEEING IS BELIEVING, a camera obscura, they may find themselves questioning the nature of what they see, drawing parallels to their own implied trust when observing their digital landscapes.

We plan to be out and about exploring, and hope you'll join us! Stop by the shop for a mimosa. It's the weekend after all, and what's a Block Party without a party?

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Stephanie N
Stephanie N

April 14, 2019

“Trust through thoughtful design”? Sounds like a regular day at Clementines! Wish I could stop by, looks like fun!

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