Of Peep Toes and Pedicures

As Clementines spring and summer styles roll in, I couldn't help but notice one trend rising above the rest — the peep toe. I also couldn't resist trying them on, but as I did I recognized just how neglected and forlorn my toenails are! And don’t they say, the peep-toes are the windows to the … ? Okay, maybe not.

Regardless, it’s hard to feel fabulous in a peep-toe when you don’t have anything exciting to show off. When discussing this with store-owner Linda and fellow social media maven Lauren, I realized — in my 25 years of life, I’ve never gotten a pedicure! How gross is that?!

This wouldn’t stand. How can I truly take advantage of the summer season before me if I don’t drink as much rosé as humanly possible and do something about my old witch toes?

Lauren’s and my entrance to Healthy Nails in Ballard began in the best possible way — a quiet salon, soft music, and rain pitter-pattering steadily out on the street. We were greeted by a gentle clerk, complimentary beverages of our choice, and skyscraper-like walls — one of which hosted a mural featured that classic Hawaiian, tropical beach (you know the one, with the palm trees).

I’m not much of a color person. I’ve been told I have a bright personality (I’ll let you be the judge), but when it comes to dressing, I stick to neutrals — blacks, greys, dark blues, and browns. Lauren headed immediately for the fuchsia polish (she very clearly had thoughts about this prior to our arrival), but I couldn’t decide between the dark grey and clear.

Oh, screw it, I thought. If you’re gonna do it, Self, do it. Go big or go home!

So the dark grey it was.

Thus began an hour long pamper, the likes of which I’ve never even dreamed. A warm, bubbling foot bath accentuated by oils, nail buffering, plastic bags full of hot gel (is this normal??? idk, it was my first time!!!), my legs getting rubbed with hot, smooth stones. I work three jobs, all of which require standing on my feet for anywhere up to 8 hours a day. If my feet had a voice, they’d be screaming their thanks.

A brief side note — I have tiny toenails. Like miniscule, they just don’t grow. After a 10-min standoff with the polish wall, I began my treatment much later than Lauren, but finished much earlier than her. Linda says I have baby toes, which means Lauren’s are at least teenagers (Gossip Girl kind of teenagers, at least 27 years old and not a blemish in sight).

Ever since our podiatric escapade, I’ve been traipsing around town in the Fly London Booz and Miista Elizabeth, both of which feature strong colors and — dun dun dunnnnnn — a PEEP TOE! And the dark grey I chose actually works pretty well with both hues!

We at Clementine’s can’t deny it — it’s the summer of the peep toe, so prep your nails for the spotlight by getting your own pedicure, and come visit us on Occidental Ave. for a chance to strut your stuff!

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