S.A.L.E - Sale! Sale! Sale!

Now that Christmas is over, you may think Clementine's is slowing down for these winter months, but in reality, we are just getting started! And if you find yourself missing the holidays, our shoeboxes are a sea of red and green -- sale tags, that is! 

What person in their right mind doesn't love a good SALE? It might be my very favorite four-letter word (besides a couple others, ha!). This January, nearly all of our shoes are on sale, either 40 of 50 percent off, which means you can take whatever leftover Christmas cash you've got and finally get that pair of boots, flats, or heels you haven’t been able to get out of your mind.

For some, a sale makes it a little easier to commit to an everyday favorite, like Arama's Lace-Up boot with a hidden blue lining; El Campero's Bootie Horse, the ultimate western-inspired boot that will last you seasons; or Coclico's Buckle, a slate-grey utility boot with some seriously cool vibes.

For me, however, a sale is the perfect excuse to try something a little different and crazy! I've had my eye on the Megumi Ochi 1040 Pony, a calf-hair heeled loafer with lucite heels that make you look like you're walking on air, literally! And Clem's owner, Linda, has been sneaking a few glances at Arama's lace-up platform Creeper. If you're a Keith Haring fan, Kat Maconie's technicolor Daphne boot is perfect for your next trip to the SAM.

So, which on-sale styles tempt you? Leave a comment or drop by the store this month and let us know!

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