Seattle Art Fair

The Seattle Art Fair is coming to Pioneer Square next week and we can't wait to immerse ourselves in some modern and contemporary art!  There are over 100 galleries being featured, plus panels and performances.  Thursday, August 3rd through Sunday, August 6th.  

To make this weekend, even more, fun the Center on Contemporary Art has put together an Art Bingo challenge.  Visit the local shops and galleries in Pioneer Square to see their featured artists.  The more you visit, and stamps you collect, the better winnings you can redeem at Elysian Fields brewery.  

CoCA Art Bingo

We have invited two of Seattle's artists, Miriam Reynolds Rigby, founder of Clear Coated and Izzie Lewis, of Izzie Lewis Millinery, to share their collections at the shop. They will be in store beginning Thursday night for Art Walk!  Get acquainted with these two lovely ladies below.


1.  How did you first get the idea for Clear Coated?

Growing up in the Seattle area, I have experienced many times the process of getting ready for the day or evening - putting an outfit together that you're excited and confident about and then going to leave the house to find it is pouring down rain.  This results in the need to cover said outfit most often with a raincoat that doesn't match well.  I thought - why not create a line of coats that enhances a woman's style rather than hide it?  Clear Coated raincoats allow the wearer to show off her clothes underneath while staying dry.  Additionally, clear matches everything. 



2.  We get a 60s vibe from this collection, and could totally see Twiggy rocking one of your coats.  What was the inspiration behind these designs?

Yes, I have definitely grabbed inspiration from the late 60s era.  Space Age fashion fascinates me - Andre Courreges, Jane Fonda in Barbarella, Twiggy, amongst other things.  I also find inspiration in my modern day surroundings - architectural structures, nature, technology, and art.

3.  What can we expect in the future from Clear Coated?  Any exciting forecasts you can share?

I am expecting a baby in October, and as a one-woman show, I have decided to refrain from starting new projects at the moment.  I am always coming up with schemes and ideas for Clear Coated's line and am looking forward to getting back into it when I return to work and foresee new inspirations coming from the beauty of having my first child. 



1.  How did you first get into millinery?

My getting into hat making was really serendipitous.  At the time, I was working downtown as an architect.  I had always been a hat lover, but it never occurred to me that a person could make hats until I met a milliner.  I met a hat maker on the streets of Seattle (actually in a fabric store), and that is where my millinery career began.


2.  Why do you think Seattle is such a hot spot for millinery design?

Seattle has an amazing group of milliners. Our community got a solid start almost thirty years ago when we began producing biannual group shows at the architecture firm that I worked for - WORKSHOP 3D.  We continue to do group shows at various venues year-round. We know we are stronger as a group.


3.  What has been your most favorite hat to make and why?  Does this different from your favorite hat to wear?

I teach hat making so over the years we have done some very fun things - from a feathered candy corn hat, to bird nests, sculptural hand shaped pieces, wedding cake hats, the list goes on.  I enjoy the experimentation and challenge involved in using a wide variety of materials and techniques.  I can’t pick one favorite hat to make or wear, it is the variety and the endless learning opportunities that keep me going.

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