#Clem10 Showcase - Chapter One



Starting with my love affair with Melissa shoes. Melissa brings into the routine designs from big names in fashion, art, and even architecture. They were one of the first brands in the world to create creative collaborations, kicking off this trend in 1983 with Jean-Paul Gaultier. 25 years and nine daring and fearless collaborations later, Melissa teamed up with Vivienne Westwood to create some phunky designs.

When I saw this collaboration come to life, my heart raced. I think I own every pair in this collab with VW, and the pair shown is one that I'll never give up. I can no longer wear them because my shoe size has changed since opening Clementines, but I still admire them, mainly due to the major love I have for the big ass heart! When I did wear them, it was always with denim and a white button down shirt because they were the star of the outfit. 



Robert Clergerie, what a heritage he has established in the fashion industry. Since his launch in 1895 he has stayed true to his desire to produce innovative creations and reinterpretations of the classics. 

These Robert Clergerie shoes are so wonderfully quirky, comfortable and artsy that they are, in a way, the pair that started my obsession to bring such choices to the Seattle marketplace. This was before RC earned the honor of being named the Best Designer of the Year and inducted into the American Fashion Footwear Association Hall of Fame. I guess you could say that I was an early adopter!

Even though we do not carry Robert’s shoes any longer, I am proud we once did and remain inspired by his creativity, quality, and expertise. As for the sisal oxfords, they are still in rotation in my closet. I'd bought them a half size too big because it was the only size available and I had to have them! Funny how things work out for the best...


Help us showcase Clementines' first decade with a look back at the shoes we've loved, and still do! Post your own shoe stories on any social media site and tag with #Clem10. You'll be entered to win one of our fabulous gift certificate give-aways!

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