Sleep Deprivation, But Make It Fashion

Miista Hope Midheel with Feral Handbag

When you are running from work to the “after work non-mandatory happy hour” back to home, you need something that can be fashionable and flexible with your wardrobe. No one wants to drag a giant work bag that has papers falling out of it. That’s a whole lot of hot mess. I mean, I know, because I was (and questionably still am) that girl.

When you are a working woman, sleep deprivation is real. You want to look good, feel good, and do it flawlessly, right?

I think you can guess where I am taking this blog.

I am going to pick out three things that are for the “on the go” lady! With these three things, you can RULE THE WORLD:

Miista Hope Midheel

  • Miista Hope Midheel - This baby ties in the back or the front and now you can wear highwaters like you INTENDED. Flawlessly transforms your day to night look no matter what and you can even sit through boring conversations because you’ll be busy staring at your shoes.

Miista Hope Midheel with Feral Handbag

  • Feral bag - It’s not only on trend, but it’s a statement piece that will last for generations. There is even a bag pack version, which looks good with heels or for a more casual look. You can stuff your boring work sweater in your bag and get ready for that happy hour!

Elk v neck tank

  • Elk v neck tank - You can tuck it in or let it flow. I feel like this tank can transition between meetings, it’s breathable and most importantly, it’s easy!

There are more things to shop at and don’t forget to check out our sister store Swan Dive downstairs!

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