4 Footwear Combos to Really Rock Your Socks

Melissa Panapana rose and gold loafers do all your flirting for you when matched with a pair of Hansel from Basel eye-print socks

Socks and sandals used to be the calling card of blissfully unaware tourists everywhere, but trends are gonna do what trends are gonna do - and this time, they've turned the tables on traditionally unflattering footwear combinations.

Funky, printed socks can be found on almost every foot on almost every corner. They've become favorites for everyone from talk-show hosts & their guests to that cool girl with the nose ring who sells you your coffee. There's hardly anything more delightful than someone crossing their legs and revealing a bright color, fun pattern, or silly design peeking out around their ankles. George H. W. Bush once even wore a pair with his own face on them!

We've paired a few of our favorite socks with our favorite shoes to give you a few ideas on how to rock this perplexing new trend.

Melissa Panapana rose and gold loafers do all your flirting for you when matched with a pair of Hansel from Basel eye-print socks

These Melissa Panapana loafers have already stolen our hearts for being the coolest new rainboot-alternative on the market. When paired with our favorite cozy Hansel from Basel socks in color-of-the-moment millenial pink, the nearly-transparent uppers will do all your flirting for you. 

graphic socks with a monochromatic, equally graphic shoe is a match made in technical heaven

If graphic design's more your style, trying matching a monochrome, cut-out loafer with transparent patterned socks. The discordant shapes might seem overwhelming at first, but the all-black shoe calms any fears of too-fancy footwork. 

Lisa B polka dot socks are the perfect pairing with these gorgeous and subtle Kat Maconie heels

We love Kat Maconie for her perfectly-sculpted heels that perfectly marry the best of feminine and gritty styles. The subtly jeweled flower details on the Una are the perfect match for a pair of neutral polka dot socks by Lisa B. We met Lisa in the shop while she was visiting from Pittsburgh, and her wool & cashmere blend and cotton socks & tights quickly became some of our absolute favorites!

pair the Miista Bernadette claret patent leather heels with a transparent, subtly embroidered sock

If you're looking for something a little sexier, look no further than the Bernadette by Miista. These claret-hued, patent leather heels flaunts a subtly pointed toe that elongates your leg and flatters your foot - and when paired with a super sexy, floral-embroidered sock and cropped pant, proves you're sexy, stylish, and sophisticated.

We'd love to see your own take on this trend! Tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #ClemClub and make sure you're following us at @clementines_seattle!

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