Stephanie's Edinburgh Travel Guide - Part 1

The Dome, Edinburgh

As May comes to a close and summer approaches, the Clementines team can't help but dream of some summer getaways - including past ones! What's better than getting out of town for some eating, shopping, and sightseeing?

After spending an entire month in Edinburgh, Scotland last summer, I’m finally ready to cull together my musts for anyone visiting this slice of metropolitan life snuggled into the Scottish highlands. Pull on your comfy Campers and traipse across the city with me!


The Dome, Edinburgh

For a special treat off the Royal Mile, The Dome offers five different bars and restaurants all under one resplendent roof. A distinctively Greek front façade flaunts Corinthian columns and gorgeous lighting at night; inside, the Front Bar boasts a 24-carat gold and Swarovski crystal chandelier, rich wood paneling, and ceiling-high mirrors. My date and I arrived just as the bar was closing, so plan ahead and stay for hours — I certainly could have!


W. Armstrongs & Sons vintage shop, Edinburgh

Don’t let the seemingly-small entranceway fool you — this unbelievable shop for vintage clothing from any era stretches through several rooms (and locations - the biggest and best is at the edge of the Grassmarket, a popular restaurant and people-watching spot in the heart of the city). The prices are surprisingly affordable, too - 1970s dresses for under £20, and a myriad of excellent wool and cashmere sweaters.


Wild West town behind the Morningside library in Edinburgh

Nestled behind the Morningside library is a quiet little alley that might be more at home on the prairielands of 1800s California. Built in 1995 as part of a marketing ploy for a local furniture company, the alley is a little run-down now, but still worth checking out if Westerns are your thing. Personally, I love pioneer history, so it was pretty magical to see this little blast from the past on a backstreet in Edinburgh.


Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh

Recommended to me by a friend who called it the “best Thai food in Edinburgh,” Caravan is a tightly-packed, affordable hotspot where customers share eating space either at the window-facing counter or the long communal tables in the center of the restaurant. Dishes start at £7, and I had the Tom Kah Gai — my Thai go-to and perfect for optimum coziness during Edinburgh’s on-again, off-again rain schedule.

Heading to Edinburgh soon? Been there before? Comment with your favorite spots and stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3!

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