Stephanie's Edinburgh Travel Guide - Part 2

Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Take a trip across the pond with us as Stephanie continues her Edinburgh travel guide. Check out Part 1 and stayed tuned for Part 3!


interior of Hanna Zakari

Quite possibly the most adorable boutique in town, Hanna Zakari specializes in unique jewelry and trinkets from Scottish designers like wool maven Hilary Grant as well as international favorites like Stay Home Club, We Dream in Colour, and Wolf & Moon. A host of friendly female associates staff the shop on Candlemaker Row, just minutes from the Grassmarket.


Mary's Milk Bar at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Mary’s Milk Bar might be tiny, but the gelato servings are GINORMOUS! Join the twisting queue outside the shop and be prepared for an ever-changing assortment of super-fresh, super-yummy flavors. Then cross the Grassmarket plaza and settle into a spot on the grassy Granny’s Green Steps, just underneath the shadow of Edinburgh Castle!


Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Take a half-hour stroll outside of the bustling city center and relax on the wide lawns of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Two separate buildings house works by British and international artists, including two of my favorites — the electric bulb lettering warning you THERE WILL BE NO MIRACLES HERE on the back lawn of Gallery 2, and the neon welcome EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT on the front facade of Gallery 1.

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