Sweaters You Need Right Now

Sweaters You Need Right Now

I think it’s finally safe to say that it’s OFFICIALLY SWEATER SEASON. This is one of my favorite seasons because you can look fabulous no matter how many pizzas you eat! (BTW, if you are in Pioneer Square, Revolution Pizza Music is the place to go!) 

This season sweaters are coming back more edgier and frillier. So many of the sweaters on the market have distressed edges that really give the sweater character. 

At Clementines, we are all about ultra soft sweaters that you can wear with your leggings or you can dress up for the holiday party. We want to bring you the sweater that can do it all! For example: 

(Photo by https://www.instagram.com/karyaschanilec.photography/)

This White Sweater from Baloot is LITERALLY life. It looks like the party exploded on you (and obvi, you are the party). We don’t have it online but if you want to order it, DM us! 

DM us for this sweater on Instagram @clementines_seattle ✨ or comment below! 

Here are some other sweaters that we’re lovin’ right now: 

Numph Night Sky Sweater (also on sale!)  

Poppyseed Drawstring Sweater

(Photo by https://www.instagram.com/annahoychuk/)

Toit Volant Simone Dress - k, this isn’t not a sweater, but it’s sort of a sweater dress. It’s one of our favorite slip ons. If you want to style it up, wear a higher heel with a belt and decorate with tons of jewelry.

What are you waiting for? Get yo sweater on, girl! 


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