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Stephanie's Edinburgh Travel Guide - Part 3

Stephanie's Edinburgh Travel Image

In the final installment of her travel guide to Edinburgh, Scotland, Stephanie brings out the city's more affordable, accessible side.

Stephanie's Edinburgh Travel Guide - Part 2

Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh
Part 2 of Stephanie's 3-part travel guide to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ciao Milan & Italia


We’re back with the last installment of the #EuroBlogSeries, that is until next time one of us is fortunate enough to head abroad.  Since I've been home, I've been reminiscing about my time in Milan and wanted to share my experience there with you.

#EuroBlogSeries - Ciao Florence

La culla del Rinascimento!  The #EuroBlogSeries made a quick stop in Florence.  Check in to see what the birthplace of the Renaissance is all about.    

#EuroBlogSeries - Bonjour Paris


Crystal here checking in from Paris (French pronunciation please) to bring you the first edition of the #EuroBlogSeries. I’m bringing you the best of street style and my favorite shopping spots from the most fashionable cities in the world. We start with Paris!

#EuroBlogSeries - Europe, Here I Come!


Bonjour! I am about three weeks away visiting Paris, Rome, Florence, and Milan! I am so excited to bring back all the fashion trends from Europe and talk about the fresh inspiration I will bring to the partnership that is Anguay Reed Designs x Clementines!