The Charming Chie Mihara

Are you always looking out for shoes that are feminine and fun, but also truly comfortable? If so you’ll want to check out Chie Mihara shoes, designed by Chie Mihara.

Comfort is achieved during design and construction, so what does Chie do to make her shoes so comfortable? 

According to Chie herself, she credits her discovery of what makes a shoe both practical and comfortable to her time and experience as a designer in the United States. She’s worked with podiatrists to develop an anatomical footbed designed specifically for women that is used in every shoe construction. And she's quick to add that it's the quality of craftsmanship that makes good on that promise. Chie is so dedicated to this idea, that she chose to live in Spain, among some of the world’s best leather craftsmen.

In terms of overall design, Chie draws on her multicultural background to create such amazing pieces. As a Brazilian of Japanese descent, she gives kudos to Brazil for informing her feminine side, and Japan for inspiration with design techniques.

Chie Mihara fans often report that the chunky, retro-inspired heels that Chie is quite well known for are much more balanced and stable than the more spiky heel varieties available in the marketplace. They credit this comfort, stability, and less forward tilt to the chunky heel paired with a front platform.

We are currently crushing on the Lucha, aka the sexiest boot ever. Can't you just see the Brazilian-Japanese mash-up?

We're mothers, working women, active women, and we should have shoes that match our needs. We want to look feminine, beautiful, attractive, but without giving up comfort. - Chie Mihara

Touche Chie! 


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