The Costume Crunch, Part 4

The Costume Crunch, Part 4

Well, we finally made it!  It's Halloween, so if you're still searching for the ultimate Halloween costume, look no further - Stephanie has put together some costumes using shoes and clothing available in-store and online at Clementines and our sister shop, Swan Dive.


If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. Stephanie's created a more modern look for this classic Disney villain, with as much animal print as we can muster. Check out the Dalmatian spots in these fingerless gloves, as well as a fur hat, zebra-print scarlet top, and fitted skirt. The Bernadette by Miista finishes off the look with a shoe that's literally to die for.

TOP BY TRAFFIC PEOPLE (available in-store)
GLOVES BY KITTEN MITTENS (available in-store)
SKIRT BY SWAN DIVE (available in-store)


"Professor of Archeology, the expert on the occult, and how does one say it... obtainer of rare antiquities." It's Indiana Jones to the rescue when you pair your favorite Blundstone boots with a Mauritius leather jacket. As for the artifacts - you can find these "rare antiquities" in our subterranean sister store, Swan Dive, but only if someone doesn't get there before you.

JACKET BY MAURITIUS (available in-store)
SHOES BY BLUNDSTONE (available in-store and online)
HAT BY IZZIE LEWIS (available in-store)
BELT BY EMBRAZIO (available in-store)

Happy haunting! Did you find this year's perfect costume through our Costume Crunch guide? Check out Parts 1, 2, and 3 for more inspiration!

photos by Spencer Bertelsen

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