The SAM and Clementines: Similar but Different, Part 1

During my recent visit to the Seattle Art Museum’s special exhibition Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterpieces from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection, I couldn’t help but think of how similar it was to Clementines’ current spring shoe display. Clems’ curated selection of shoes from international and local designers that boast gorgeous hues and breathtaking textures are just like the works of art hanging on the walls of the SAM.

Here are some of my favorite pairings:  

David Hockney’s The Grand Canyon is a dead ringer for Kat Maconie’s Hayley sandal, and its companion slide, Drew. The almost fluorescent oranges, pinks, and greens in Hockney’s panorama are a perfect match for the brightly-hued pony hair of the Hayley slide bedazzled with multi-colored studs. And jingle-jangle signature acrylic charms that make up the most fabulous part of the Drew are not unlike the way Hockey used 60 different canvasses together to complete this 1998 masterpiece.

David Hockney, The Grand Canyon, 1998

Kat Maconie Hayley, Kat Maconie Drew, Credit Anna Hoychuk


I started dreaming of manicures the second I saw the Melissa Boemia jelly sandal. It’s also the same way I felt while viewing John Wesley’s Nail Police. This pop art-inspired canvas features a strikingly-featured woman blowing on the nails of not one, not two, but three different feet. Now I need to know — how is every woman under the age of 40 not obsessed with Wesley’s work? Many of his comic book-like paintings feature that soft, color-of-the-moment “millennial” pink, and showcase women in positions of interest or power, the same way I feel when I flaunt my feet in the Melissa Boemia.

John Wesley, Nail Police, 2003   

 Melissa Boemia, Credit Anna Hoychuk


I strongly encourage you to stroll through Pioneer Square and make an afternoon out visiting the SAM and Clementines. It's always a good time revel in beautiful collections of art. The "Seeing Nature" special exhibit runs through May 23rd. 

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