The SAM and Clementines: Similar but Different, Part 2

Last week I visited the Seattle Art Museum’s special exhibition Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterpieces from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection, and compared some of their works of art with our spring masterpieces, otherwise known as shoes, currently at the shop. Here are a couple more of our favorite comparisons.

It’s always a no brainer for me to visit Andy Warhol’s pieces at any museum. After standing underneath the towering presence of Rorschach, Warhol’s 1984 exploration into desire, I couldn’t resist writing about it. The marble-like pattern and monochromatic color scheme of the artwork call to mind the sole of United Nude’s Camo Coral Mix. The color-block design of both pieces is a must-see for fashion and art lovers alike. Is it bad that I prefer the shoe over the canvas?

Seattle Art Museum and ClementinesCredit Andy Warhol, Rorschach, 1994

United Nude Camo Coral Mix, Anna Hoychuk

 Can we take a vote to rename the Miista Elizabeth heel the Isabella? Looking at The Rialto Bridge, one of Canaletto’s many detailed depictions of 18th century Venice, I can’t help but imagine myself walking alongside those canals wearing this slingback, burnt-umber, suede mule. I’m a sucker for the warm, late-summer palette tones, including the blue sky and green water, and it’s the façade of the building to the right of the bridge that matches the Isabella, I mean, the Elizabeth perfectly. 

Seattle Art Museum and Clementines

Canaletto, The Rialto Bridge, 1730

Miista, Elizabeth, Anna Hoychuk

Now that the weather is beautiful, take a stroll from Clementines to the SAM, or vice verse, and loose yourself among some art! The Seeing Nature exhibit runs until May 23rd. 

Map Clementines to the SAM

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