The Weekly Roundup, Episode II

The Weekly Roundup, Episode II


This week at Clementines, we're having a MEGA sale on our last season shoes which include a myriad of styles from Chie Mihara, Kat Maconie, Intentionally Blank and more!  Find some new favorites for $39, $69, and $99.  The sale features limited size runs and is only happening in-store, so come join us at our brick and mortar in Pioneer Square and snatch something up for yourself before they're gone! 

And we found out that we are on the cover of the Seattle Met Magazine's November issue, The 100 Best Little Shops.  If anyone sees it out on the stands, let us know!!! 

Here's what has been on our minds this week:



Store owner Linda says, "This past week I attended the Path with Art luncheon at the Four Seasons with my friend, Sandy Lew-Hailer.  Of course, hanging out with Sandy is always fun, but this luncheon was more than fun.  Sandy (you're busted!) was crying, OK, me too, as we listened to the keynote speakers - each one a person who had experienced trauma and homelessness - talk about how participating in Path with Art's classes transformed their lives.  I believe in the power of art, but sometimes feel that it's hard to explain.  I'd like to be able to pull this video out anytime/anywhere when I feel that I must defend the place that art should/could occupy in our lives...."



one of Shannon Martin's adorable designs

Store associate Pam has known Shannon Martin of Shannon Martin Design for over 30 years.  She says, "I love her cards and her thoughtful and compassionate posts on Facebook.  This is an awesome company created by a woman, run by a woman, and inspired by women!" 



The cast of season 16 of Project Runway

Store associate Jayma is glued to this season of Project Runway.  Now in its 16th season, the show is still hosted by fashion's most fabulous grandpa Tim Gunn as a host of designers from all over the world tackle some pretty unconventional construction challenges.




Head of marketing Lauren says, "I have been living without my life savior for two years now, but recently reconnected when I walked into my local Pharmaca. My savior?  Klorane Dry Shampoo. Great for times when you want to get an extra day in before washing, after a light work out, when you are running late in the morning, or want a spruce before a night out.    

The method? I usually blow dry my dry hair just to give it some air. Then hold the dry shampoo about a foot away from your head, lift about half your hair up, like you’re going to do a small ponytail, and spray about 1-2 seconds. Repeat on the other side.  And then give your outer layers a little boost. I’ve gotten more compliments on my hair when I use Klorane than when I style my hair fresh out of the shower.  

There is a dry shampoo with Oat Milk, one with Oat Milk formulated for darker hair types, and one with Nettle that regulates oil production. Something for everyone!"



My Dad Wrote a Porno stars James Cooper, Jamie Morton, and Alice Levine

Store associate Stephanie can't stop listening to this hilarious, hit British podcast. When Jamie Morton mortifyingly discovers his Irish father has written a series of erotic novels, what does he do? Read them aloud to his best friends Alice Levine and James Cooper on a podcast, of course! The Belinda Blinked series features the naughty and often bizarre escapades of Belinda Blumenthal, a senior executive at an up-and-coming British pots & pans company. Season 3 just ended, so you'll have plenty of episodes to catch up on as we await the answer to Book 3's insane cliffhanger ending.

What's been on YOUR mind this week?

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