The Weekly Roundup, Episode IX

As December 25th quickly approaches, we're taking to social media to count down the days with our 12 Days of Gifting campaign! Each day we'll highlight our choice for a perfect holiday gift on Instagram and Twitter - and you can use the code 'HOLIDAZE' for free gift wrapping and shipping!

If you're in Pioneer Square today, stop by our shop for some Holiday Hooky Hour madness! We'll be offering festive treats like eggnog and sugar cookies, as well as a free gift with purchase. If you get your Hooky Hour passport stamped by five businesses, you'll be entered in a drawing to win some fabulous prizes offered by the Alliance for Pioneer Square!


adorable burger, fries, and pineapple ornaments with googly eyes

The good guest is one who always arrives with a hostess gift in hand, always asks if she can help in any way, and always volunteers to help clean up. (The perfect hostess, on the other hand, doesn't need much help because she's so prepared, and would rather clean up in the morning than have a guest stay late to help!) While we can't all be perfect, let's assume that most of us fall somewhere in the middle, as both guest and hostess. This season, we all have enough to worry about - so here are some ideas one can use for selecting a thoughtful hostess gift.

It's so much easier when you know the party-giver well! If, for example, you happen to know that her favorite coffee is from Elm Coffee Roasters, done! A half pound of your host's favorite coffee is always welcome. If you know that she makes a special trip to score of loaf of The London Plane's perfectly crusty & moist sourdough bread, you know it's a gift she'll appreciate. But what if the host is not well known to you? For us, a few go-to's are the tried and true bottle of wine or small bouquet. But if you want to change things up, here are a few ideas...

If the host celebrates Christmas, an ornament for the tree can be a very fun way to express your gratitude. All the better if you know about a hobby or special interest so that your ornament can represent a thoughtful choice corresponding to this. And EVERYONE appreciates a new tea towel! In store, we're proud to carry Kei & Molly's line of hand-printed tea towels. My experience in the shop has also taught me that people often choose a beautiful soap or candle for this type of gift - we carry so many beautiful and fun options, including Boyfriend Candles and scents from Formulary55. Personally, I'd stick to ornaments and tea towels just to play it safe - the sense of what smells good to one, may not be as pleasing to another.

If you're coming to any party a Clementines gal is throwing - hint, hint - please bring a bottle of champagne!


vinyasa yoga

This is the time of year where everyone seems to get kicked into overdrive - it's the final stretches of holiday shopping, decorating, cooking, etc! That's why we fall back on some easy & favorite beauty tips that don't involve any makeup!

#1 - Smiling! There are aspects of the holiday that make us want to do anything but smile. We're tired, crashing from a candy cane sugar rush, and probably pretty grumpy. But you know what they say - sometimes pretending you're in a good mood will get you halfway there! Pam says, "I can't tell you how many times that I have passed people on the street and when I smile at them, they smile back!"

#2 - Vinyasa yoga! We love this particular style of yoga because it combines meditation and strength. It's easy to be happy if your mind and body are peaceful. Relieve sore muscles from carrying all those shopping bags and rolling that gingerbread dough by taking an hour or two to stretch it out. Our favorite place is SoundYoga Studio in West Seattle. They offer small group classes in a beautiful studio with heated wood floors and free sessions if you're new to the studio! 


Gloasters are some of our favorite new additions to the store. These coasters feature hand-painted designs by Gloria Feinstein coupled with adorable, and thoughtful quotes and sayings. We love their bright colors, smooth sheen, and stackable quality. They're also such great conversation starters! There are designs for bibliophiles, dog owners, and activists alike. After photographer Gloria decided to start drawing faces as well as capturing them with her camera, a friend suggested she turn them into coasters! Her designs have also been turned into coasters for the Big Sonia movie. We are big fans of Big Sonia and are so proud to feature Gloria's designs in our store. 


Genevieve St. Charles's art installation LA CROIX at FoodArt Collection in Capitol Hill

We're so excited to visit Genevieve St. Charles's new art installation at the FoodArt Collection inside the Normandy Arms apartment complex in Capitol Hill. The Seattle-based artist features hand-crafted art based on the classic La Croix can design, but with a twist - she creates flavors that are a little bizarre and totally Seattle, like Deleted Tinder, Poke Bowl, and Post-Bowie World. Isabelle Boutiette of Seattle Met writes, "Local artist Genevieve St. Charles’s unique combination of humor and honesty turns a bubbly soda into a cultural artifact."


  • I love the tea towel gift and my black boots. You have curated an amazing selection of shoes, clothes and gifts particularly for the Seattle visitor… Congrats!

    Jean Wiley
  • Love these suggestions. I would love each and everyone of those suggested gifts?
    Especially some of that LondonPlane bread.
    Wish I lived closer?


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