The Weekly Roundup, Episode V

The Weekly Roundup, Episode V

This week, the store has been a flutter of activity - photoshoots for both Swan Dive and Clementines, holiday preparations, and new visitors sent our way via our cover on Seattle Met Magazine. As new apparel arrives, we'll be uploading it online for easy shopping from home - keep your eye on this space early next week for the best picks from local designers!

Here's what's on our minds this week:

Linda says, "I met Theresa when she came into Clementines to buy a birthday gift for a friend. She is so warm, friendly and outgoing that I was amazed when she said she was running for City Council. I discovered in myself a stereotype that I hadn't been aware of - that anyone so personable and "normal" would ever be in city government!
I saw Theresa again at a small fundraising event at the houseboat of a friend. She spoke with passion and intelligence about how she views our city's issues through the lens of public health. Homelessness, the environment, city parks, addiction all become inter-related and matter to all of us who want a vibrant and positive place to live. She came across with such integrity and purpose that I was worried that she didn't stand a chance in today's world of politics. I am delighted that I was wrong! And I can't wait to see her to give her a big congratulatory hug!!!"
Pam says, "I had a happy 'accident' on my way home from art walk on 1st Thursday last week. I looked up while waiting for my bus by the mission where I always catch my bus. We as a society don't want to look up or in particular look down, just typically straight ahead. But this day I had the pleasure of looking down at my bus stop. I saw a person in distress at my feet so I asked the mission for some help. They brought me some clothing and a sleeping blanket. I chose to put socks on him and take him somewhere sheltered and then make sure that he ate. It took me all of 15 minutes out of my day. We have at least 15 minutes a day to look up or down. Use your compassion to take a look and not judge. Be kind, loving, grateful and generous." 

Union Gospel Mission in Pioneer Square recently played host to a public art installation called LOST ANGELS, which featured portraits of unsheltered men and women projected at massive-scale onto the facades of buildings and landmarks throughout Seattle neighborhoods. Currently, there are 5485 people sleeping on the streets in Seattle every night.

Uli Herzner for Hamptons Magazine
Jayma's pick of the week is this article on her friend Uli Herzner, former Project Runway contestant and Miami-based fashion designer. "She's one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. She's one of the best stylists I've ever worked alongside because she understands how to fit clothes to fit a woman's body."
Lauren's pick for the week is "Turtles All the Way Down" by John Greene. She just dove into the first few chapters of the novel and is hooked. Here's her review thus far, "a hilarious and witty novel, this book will have you turning its pages all night. The book tells the story of Aza, an adolescent suffering from severe anxiety and her best friend, a dramatic and funny, Daisy as they attempt to solve a prevalent mystery and grow as teenagers. You can find signed copies at our local Elliot Bay Book Company.  



photo by Mara Corsino for the New York Times

Store associate Stephanie couldn't believe her eyes while reading this recent New York Times article dissecting one the latest and most intriguing fashion trends. As independent and high-fashion designers alike eschew bright colors and figure-hugging silhouettes for neutral, more shapeless styles, Naomi Fry asks, "Why?" She interviews a variety of figures from internet-fave Tavi Gevinson to gallery-owner Hannah Hoffman to figure out exactly why "ugly" is the new "trendy."

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