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How To Style During Transitional Weather 🌻

March 15, 2019

How To Style During Transitional Weather 🌻

Yes, it's that time of the year again! 😳

The weather is changing and I don’t know about y’all but I’m happy to be away from the rain and the snow! We’re getting glimpses of Spring in the air and people around the world (other than Seattle) are starting to wear jean jackets as jackets because it’s that warm.

Either way, transitional weather is upon us which means it’s my FAVORITE time of the year - LAYER WEATHER! First of all, layers help you hide all that pizza you ate during lunch so you’ll be thanking me later. I mean that’s what I use layers for. To each their own.

Now, let's get to the styles I pulled out for you this week: 

Outfit #1

THITHI Jumpsuit + Holmes Blazer - This combo is for that professional baddie who has a little more workplace. This jumpsuit turns super conservative with the suit jacket or any cardigan. You can wear this with any platform, heels or sneakers and it would work! The only bad thing is that you will have to be almost naked when you pee. But it’s a small sacrifice for fashion.

Recommended Shoes: Kat Maconie Liz Heels (new arrival! and oh my freaking god I'm in love!) 

Outfit #2


Is an easy to way to dress it up or down. Depending on the day you can wear it with pants/leggings or just air it out and don’t wear anything underneath! You’ll still be cold because your office keeps the air too high so don’t forget to wear a little jean jacket or shirt dress over your dress!

Recommended Shoes: Miista Ivon Sandals 


This has nothing to do for transitional clothing but I wanted to give you some options for that boss b*tch that wants to make a statement:

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Crystal @haysalty

(photos by: @dorianmaris)

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