We hear you!

We hear you when you say you want a dressy flat to wear to a beach wedding; that you want a heel you can actually walk in; that you while you want comfortable footwear, you sure as hell don't want it to look like a comfort shoe!

We hear you because we're here, on the floor, talking with you everyday. Our buying decisions are directly informed by the feedback you give us. That's why we love to talk to you about what you're wearing, the designers you love, what you're looking for this season and beyond. 

Now, we'd like others to hear from you! We've recently added the ability to review products on our website, and we're hoping that you give it a go. If you've purchased an item either in the store or online, please take a minute to tell others about it.

Tips for writing a useful review include fit advice - what size (US) do you typically wear? Do you have a wide or narrow foot, or wide at the front and narrow at the heel? This kind of information is so helpful to people buying shoes online - think of it as being a sort of shoe counselor :) People also enjoy hearing about how you styled it - do you only wear with skinny jeans, or do they also work with a dress or skirt? 

Your reviews earn rewards! More on this soon :)


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