The Weekly Roundup, Episode I


Yeehaw! Today, we're introducing a new weekly feature on the blog, the Weekly Roundup.  Join us here every Friday for a recap of our week in the store, as well as a list of all the different things on our mind, including recommendations, funny finds, and more!

This week in the store has been punctuated by new arrivals from names like Mauritius, Hansel and Basel, and Lisa B. socks.  And in response to the weather cooling down quickly, we've arranged for an influx of sweaters to pour onto our shelves!  We have everything you need to feel cozy and beautiful this fall.  Our sister store Swan Dive is up and running in our downstairs space, with 50% off marked items. 

So let's get to it!  What has the Clem team been thinking about this week??  

Store owner and curator Linda is obsessed with this dress from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall / Winter 2017 collection.

Pam, store associate, and queen of purchase orders, just finished the new series ANY HUMAN HEART, starring Jim Broadbent, Matthew MacFadyen, and Sam Claflin, which chronicles the life of a British novelist as he meets and makes art with some familiar names.

Store associate Jayma can't stop thinking about THE BIG SCHMEAR, a podcast hosted by Beth Schenker. This bi-monthly audio feast puts Jewish food center stage by interviewing chefs, restaurateurs, cookbook authors and more, as well as offering insights into the politics and history behind many of our favorite Jewish dishes.


Lauren, head of marketing, is cracking up over Anese's butt scrub THAT BOOTY THO.  She says, "If this doesn’t intrigue you I don’t know what will!  Face scrubs have always been a treat for me, so this naturally would be the cherry on top.  Love thy booty, love thy self.  Am I right!?"

Store associate and blogger Stephanie stumbled upon the Flickr account for the CALIFORNIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Get lost in this gallery of 700+ photos featuring places, faces, and advertisements of California's earliest days.

What's been on YOUR mind this week?  Share it in the comments!

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