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First and foremost, thank you to all who followed the #EuroBlogSeries!  It’s been inspiring for us to hear from you on the street and in-store about how much you enjoyed following my fashion journey through Europe, so we’re back with our next series #TheStyleDigest.  Here I will take inspiration from current trends and try to make them my own.  Finding your authentic style is about experimentation and stepping out of your comfort zone to discover what works for you and feels good, and what doesn’t.  We hope this will inspire you to break your fashion boundaries and find or refine the style that is authentically you.

Clementines The Style Digest

The Inspiration:

So let’s get into our first edition All About Autumn, NYFW! All the biggest trends that are coming to life on the streets now paraded down the runway back in February: dark florals, mustard yellows, and statement collections that intersect empowerment + fashion.  One of my favorite crazes is a boyfriend jacket with a broader shoulder paired with sparkly shoes. It’s kind of like the 80s shoulder pads, but less intense, and not quite subtle as a typical suit jacket.  Marc Jacobs' runway embodied this piece beautifully.  

Marc Jacobs NYFW aw17

Marc Jacobs NYFW aw17

NYFW Marc Jacobs aw17

 Vogue, 2017

The Recipe: 

Here’s my real-life outfit inspiration piece, a suit jacket from local designer Angeline Oei. For those of you who want to experiment with menswear-inspired suits, you can wear this jacket with a matching tailored skirt, but because I know suiting is not for me, I’ve taken just the jacket out for a spin. 

Anguay Reed Designs #TheStyleDigest

Apparel: The jacket is really comfy. I like that it fits loosely and that I can wrap it around my body easily. I’ve found that I love a boxy fit, so I think this jacket is a big winner for me. It’s also versatile and ideal for layering. It’s easy to throw on with jeans and a white tee. And since I’m obsessed with skirts (yes, even in the colder months), my favorite way to style it is with my handmade skirt from ARD and a simple white top. I could definitely see myself rocking a jacket like this throughout this fall/winter season.

#TheStyleDigest Clementines x Anguay Reed Designs

Accessories: You’ll see me in all different types of scarves, but this blanket scarf is one of my favorite options for fall. Sometimes I even prefer wearing a scarf than a jacket, and that’s just how I live my life. My accessories are from Lace and Pearls Jewelry, and these are one of the few earrings I actually like. The necklace is easy for me to throw on since it’s pretty subtle. One thing I do know is that I don’t like necklaces that are too out there, too much of a statement.

#TheStyleDigest Clementines x Anguay Reed Designs
Shoes: OF COURSE I have talk about my new obsession with Intentionally ____________. (pronounced Intentionally Blank). I love their shoes! This brand is all about fashionable shoes that add a pop of interest to your outfit, but also silhouettes that are wearable everyday. You can read more about the man behind the madness here. This week I experimented with silver shoes, which I’ve thought I could never pull off. But Exhibit A. I actually can, all I had to do was try.

#TheStyleDigest Intentionally Blank

The Digest:

This week I think my outfit really worked, but to be honest, I was expecting it to…my go to is usually a skirt, top, a long jacket, and a statement shoe. I want to try to push my limits and not just play it safe; it’s the only way I can refine my style. My goal next week is to pull off a different and edgier look.

Do you have a particular trend or look you have been dying to make your own, but need a little inspiration to try? Let me be your guinea pig!  Comment below with what you want to see!


  • Katie – Yay, we are so thrilled this gets you excited for FALL! Come visit us anytime!!!

  • Mary – thank you so much! We would absolutely LOVE to help you put some looks together for evenings out and more casual outfits for work. Can’t wait to get styling!

  • I love your positivity and the descriptions you gave. Fun and inspirational. You look great. I like to go to the theatre and would like ideas and also I’m a hair stylist and would like some fun things to wear to work. I’m not sure if you could help with that but I thought I’d comment ?

  • Those shoes!! LOVE this post and this actually makes me excited to shop for fall :)!

    Katie Stultz

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