What to wear to a wedding

What to wear to a wedding

Your resident stylist for Clementines is back (crowned by herself - haha). Yes, hello, hi. I’m Crystal from Salty Blog! This week I wanted talk about weddings and what to wear to them! Don’t be that friend that wears white to a wedding (yes, happened to me) or that friend who sink into the grass everytime you take a step because you wore the wrong type of shoe.

Here are some outfit choices that you won’t regret for the rest of your life:

Emily & Finn Margot Midi Dress

The Look: For the garden wedding.
Flowers in the garden? No problem. This Emily & Finn Margot Midi Dress says, “I am the damn flower.” Yes, the bride is the focus, but there’s no reason why you should wear a garbage bag. Wear this dress that cinches your waste and the perfect a-line dress. You can pair this with a flat shoe or a tall one like that one I picked out. Up to you!

Vintage summer dress and Melissa Mule Platforms in Pink.

The Look: Clementine
You know how there’s like a million names for colors when planning a wedding? Well, we made our own. #NBD This dress is the perfect clementine color for a Spring or Summer wedding! Paired with Melissa Mule Platforms in Pink. 

Stripe dress and Miista Ida in Perfume

The Look: Easy, peasy, lemonstripes!
I think this is a pretty easy dress that’s versatile for before and after the wedding. I think this skirt is a more northwest look. It’s an easy afternoon wedding in the forest. Your heels won’t dig in because even if you will standing on the grass, you won’t be wearing stilettos.

Vintage geo pattern dress and pink hanbok shoes

Okay, so it’s obvious I have a favorite. But check out this dress and the shoes! The look is perfect! In Korea, the bride’s mother wears a pink hanbok.This reminded me of an American + modern version of that! You can also use my code SALTY to get 15% off if you made it this far :) #yourewelcome  

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