Let's Head Back to the 90's

FALL. IS. HERE!  Are you excited as I am?  It’s the time for warm sweaters and all the booties you can find. 

Today’s inspiration was All Things 90’s.  Remember the Spice Girls?  They were so iconic for me when I was a child because they were all about girl power and loving yourself!  Every one of them had a very different look, and that’s what made them so different and appealing to all girls.  Here was a girl group who taught people to express the inner YOU in a decade where all other music groups were syncing their looks.  For me, the little insecure, me, this message was so powerful.  Even though I didn’t speak English yet, I understood they were all about attitude, unconformity, and standing up for what you believe.


This look is a dedication to the little me.  I never wore white sweaters because I thought they always made you look bigger than you actually are.  But this sweater from BAUH Designs is perfect for me.  It has the right cut on the shoulders that doesn’t make you look a white elephant!   It also complements this throwback BEBE skirt I had, so that’s a plus.  Mixing new pieces with existing staples is always a good idea.  If you can’t picture what you’d wear a certain item with before you buy it, you probably won’t end up wearing it at all.

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Now let’s talk velvet.  The Lorelle bootie by Miista is already a seasonal favorite.  Kudos for comfort.  The heels are not that tall (about 2”) so you can wear (and walk in them!) for a long period.  Though, when I first wore these shoes, they fit tightly, especially in the toe box.  Like most shoes, these ended up stretching to my feet and now feel like butter.  I would recommend breaking in any shoe that fits too snuggly out for about a day.  You simply do this by wearing them for a couple of hours at a time, so your feet aren’t killing by the end of the day.  

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The 90’s aren’t complete without the choker.   This is an old choker I had from a while back, but I wanted to give it more of a “Clueless” vibe, so I layered on this charm necklace from Lace and Pearls Jewelry.  I like that the asymmetrical beads on the sides give my neckline little sprinkle of interest.  #ProTip, any sweater that has a round neck could be plain old boring, but when styled with a necklace, you always improve the look #justmytwocents.

My tip for this week is to try different cuts of clothes.  What once you thought made you look like an elephant, might make you glow this season.

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Check out the “Postmortem” video on last week’s look and if you have any questions about this week’s look, comment here, on Insta @clementines_seattle or FB @clementines and we will answer them!  Follow Crystal @_saltyblog for the daily inspo.

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