Yikes - Transition to Fall

Here in the Northwest, weather that feels transitional in most parts of the country feels everyday to us. A typical summer day may begin as cool and cloudy in the a.m.yet reach 80 degrees by noon. And that's why Seattlites rely upon the science of layering. In fact, that's the way we roll - transitional dressing (or layering) is just a way of life. But for those of you in other parts of the country, dreaming about the cooler temps ahead, we're here to help you visualize them! OK, fall 2016! What's ahead, and how shall we dress for it?

First up, a transitional bootie from Coclico. Beautiful, with crisp architectural cut-outs at the heel and toe, this wedge bootie feels both current and timeless. Lately we've seen so much editorial coverage of an open-toe shoe coupled with expressive socks that it's seeded our imagination. Would love to see this bootie worn with a colorful striped sock and summer maxi. Talk about transition! Go to it, girls! And be sure to let us know how you rocked a transition look!

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