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What to wear to a wedding

What to wear to a wedding
This week I wanted talk about weddings and what to wear to them! Don’t be that friend that wears white to a wedding (yes, happened to me) or that friend who sink into the grass everytime you take a step because you wore the wrong type of shoe.

Shannon Fisher talks FERAL & designer handbags.

Feral Handbag at Clementines in Seattle

It would be impossible to say that I am not influenced by the internet or existing market trends but I don’t think those hold as much focus for me. I stay up on Street style and fashion weeks but don’t rely on the magazines or common trends to define my work. FERAL is about combining the artful mind with practicality, simplicity and functionality. An everyday designer accessory that works with the everyday person.

Get Your #lewks for Upstream Music Festival

Designer Brands for the current woman.
Upstream Music Fest is coming up on June 1 - 3rd. With over 200+ rising stars visiting, you never know who you are going to run into. You think I’m...

Stephanie's Edinburgh Travel Guide - Part 1

The Dome, Edinburgh
Now that summer's in Seattle, we're getting out of town with Stephanie's 3-part travel guide to Edinburgh.

Prairie Underground shares their backstory & future vision of the Seattle fashion scene.

Prairie Underground Logo
I grabbed a coffee in Georgetown early one Saturday morning. On my way home I wandered by a nondescript building with a big logo that I recognized...

Last Minute Mother's Day Shopping

last minute mother's day shopping from clementines seattle
If you're like Crystal and leave things to the last minute and are frantically trying to find that perfect gift that screams "I-thought-about-this-gift-for-three-months," she wrote this for you. You're welcome. 

2018 Met Gala Fashion Recap

Met Gala Fashion show
Stephanie recaps some of her favorite looks from the 2018 Met Gala - Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination - and pairs them with some more budget-friendly options from the store.

Oleksandra Baukh Talks BAUH Designs

Oleksandra Baukh Talks BAUH Designs
Oleksandra Baukh talks street style, fashion, Seattle life, & an exciting new venture for her clothing line, BAUH Designs, a small batch clothing brand that designs comfortable and sustainable clothing for the every woman.

Fashion Interview with Seattle’s Angeline Oei of Oei-Studio designs.

Angeline Oei Studio Design

Local fashion designer Angeline Oei of A. Oei studio designs sits down with David to discuss her spring collection and share her thoughts on the growing Seattle fashion market.

Our Favorite 2018 Oscars Looks

Oscar Red Carpet Fashion
The quick-hits Clementines guide to our favorite looks from last night's Academy Awards ceremony.

4 Footwear Combos to Really Rock Your Socks

Melissa Panapana rose and gold loafers do all your flirting for you when matched with a pair of Hansel from Basel eye-print socks
We've paired a few of our favorite socks with our favorite shoes to give you a few ideas on how to rock this perplexing trend.

Spotlight On: Beautiful Brows

Beautiful Brows and the women that could rock them

Stephanie's Spotlight On series makes a comeback with a pretty heavy topic - thick eyebrows!