Geri Necklace


A modern & chic statement piece! Artistic inspirations meet the bold design in our Geri Necklace. Handmade from a mixture of rubberized metal and non-toxic resin strung upon a multi-colored, patterned rope with a smooth finish and parrot clasp. Consider this necklace an ideal way to add an artistic and colorful element to any outfit! 

Rubberized Metal, Resin & Poly Rope

13" drop 


The surface can scratch if exposed to abrasive surfaces and lighter colors can be affected by sunscreens, makeup, or other liquids - especially if tinted.


ELK uses a variety of techniques to make the rubberized metal parts of this piece, include casting, polishing, and high-quality plating. The result is a super light, fine finish.

The metal used in ELK jewelry is nickel-free and meets the EU REACH standards. It can be recycled through curbside recycling in many areas, or through specialist metal recyclers. Our Resin is a synthetic polymer Resin. It is non-toxic, contains no acrylic and is distinguished by its durability and longevity.

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