Bar Soap - 2 oz

Formulary 55


ūüĆľ¬†For safety reasons, all soap will be final saleūüĆľ¬†¬†


2 oz. shea butter soap packaged in Formulary's signature botanical and vintage illustrations.

2 oz. shea butter soap packaged in our signature botanical and vintage illustrations.

Non-toxic, recyclable, and derived from completely renewable resources, this candle is perfect for anyone concerned with their health and the environment. VEGAN (all vegetable wax/no beeswax)


Scent Profile

La Nuit
The sexiest and sultry blend.  Main notes are rich and comforting amber combined with myrrh, vanilla, and Egyptian musk.  We add a French Lavender to the mix to balance some of the sweetness and add a fresh floral depth.  

Orange Peel & Patchouli 
This blend is made up entirely with essential oils including, patchouli, (yes…patchouli!) orange, lavender, lemongrass, pine, and a few secret ones. The effect is heavy, warming, and earthy. If you love patchouli, this one is for you.

This is sweet, delicate, and pretty. A traditional rose fragrance with a sweeter fresh twist.

Balsam & Fir 
Fresh and woodsy smelling bar. Very forest-like smell‚Ķwould be great for a man. We use a fresh green fir essential oil and blend with a deep amber fragrance, then add in a pinch of real balsam. Very ‚Äúclean‚ÄĚ smelling, but the amber and balsam add a bit of a vanilla-like depth.

Wild Honeysuckle 
This is a true honeysuckle fragrance, slightly sweet, a bit citrusy, with undertones of fresh green sharpness.

Earl Grey Tea 
Black tea mixed with bergamot.

Ocean & Oak Moss
This mix is a blend of spices, orange zest, and fresh sea spray.

Clementines & Lime 
A very straightforward 100% essential oil blended fragrance that mixes fresh clementine citrus with zesty clean lime.

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