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    Welcome to Clementines!



    Clementines is a place where you can break away from your hectic life.

    Here you can dive into a space where time slows down and you can enjoy being yourself.  Browse, touch, hum along to the music, meet others, catch up with the staff.  Every time you visit, you will find something new to adore, something you won’t find anywhere else.

    We want to help you find that perfect gift for your best friend or something that helps make your not-such-a-great-day better.

    We are a small shop, full of carefully crafted treasures, that thinks big and outside the box. 

    Clementines exists to showcase new designers and artists, to provide a space where they are free to present their bear and make their home on the shelves. In our opinion, the marketplace is too impersonal and corporate.  We think that shopping should be directly correlated with celebrating the craftsmanship and ingenuity of each product, and the distinct communities and neighborhoods where they are made.

    We celebrate honesty, beauty, and feel that the choice we make for what we put on our bodies expresses so much about ourselves.  We support other women, mother earth and everything in between.

    Clementines is a perfect world where you get to play dress up with friends every day.  We hope you’ll join us.